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The practice of enlightenment is the simplest and most transcendent spiritual practice
I can share. Infinitely challenging and varied, supremely interesting, you are never
bored because you have, in any moment, something to do. Calling forth all you have
learned on your journey, you can transform everyday life into a path of personal evol-
ution imbued with new meaning and purpose.

If there is a key to a life well lived, if there is a single culminating insight I have gained from all my years of study it is this: Just as musicians practice music,as poets practice poetry, as athletes practice sports, the practice of enlightenment involves practicing everything – walking, talking, sitting, standing, speaking, painting, making love, doing the dishes, everything.

Practice, unlike those times we go on automatic, involves attention and refinement. When we practice anything, we pay special attention, with the intention to refine a quality, skill, or aptitude.

One key to paying attention is remembering to breathe, to relax and to do whatever
you are doing with grace and quality. Practicing all that you do brings a variety of
blessings into your life I will let you discover for yourself.

When you practice everyday enlightenment, play and practice become one. Your
practice is a creative adventure in the quality of each moment. And you play with
the intense concentration of a young child first learning the skills of life. So play in
the spirit of practice, and practice with the joy and spontaneity of play.

My work places an emphasis on you, the individual—on your personal evolution and
destiny. But no one is an island; each of us influences those around us. By awakening, you become a spark that sets others aflame. The individual touches the community; the community touches the region; the region touches the nation; the nation touches the world.

Individual change precedes global change. Every one of us counts; each of us contributes to the beauty of the whole. We change the world by changing ourselves. And if we do nothing more than offer a smile to a stranger or utter a kind word to someone in need, we make a difference.

The practice of enlightenment, the practice of life, is a cycle without end, like the changing seasons. You will pass through each gateway not once but many times, each time learning more, until practice becomes play, and play becomes life, and life becomes illumined. As you travel the winding roads ahead, remember your sense of humor, your sense of perspective, your simple humanity.

Ultimately, nothing can block you on your quest, because nothing is stronger than the human spirit that links us all. You are a seed of what is to come, stretching upward, reaching to the light.

Coulter T. Crowley

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